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David Klein

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Life is too precious to spend time wasted on overtraining. 

david klein

A Few Words

About Me

Hi I’m David founder of exeriserevolt.com

After spending 7 years in the fitness industry, all the way from distributing sports supplements to personal training clients in central London.

I gained an inside view of the industry and realized how sour it was.

Early on in my career, I blessedly stubbled upon the works of Mike Mentzer and hurriedly sped down the enlightening rabbit hole that was ‘high-intensity training’.

Devouring everything I could get my hands-on by pioneers in the industry, along the way.

Luminaries such as Arthur Jones, John Little, Dr.Doug McGuff and of course Mentzer.

My mission now is to deliver the most honest and relevant information to individuals seeking a smarter, safer more time efficient method of training.

My own quest for further information. Was derived from the lack of anything contrary to the conventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom wasn’t answering my questions.

All the information I could find online seemed to be rehashing old beliefs.

No one seemed to be implementing the scientific method and constantly testing conclusions.

The standard approach, if you will. Towards exercise did not intuitively feel like it was based on anything other than predominantly arbitrary research.

This early research was purely aimed at displaying the benefits of exercise.

Not comparing different modalities and finding out which was the most effective.

While I respected the pioneers in exercise physiology, most of them.

I feel that since the 1800’s exercise theorem and research really haven’t been challenged.

The long ago established norms of exercise, that indeed, did and do yield results, are still being unquestionably adopted.

I now spend most of my time researching and writing for this blog and my upcoming book.

I’m also always searching for new hobbies such as fishing and engineering to take my mind off exercise science.

It’s also important to have a social life and avoid becoming a hermit.

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